By-Election Campaign Rallies Conclude At Swakop

THE four political parties contesting the Swakopmund constituency by-election held their last campaign rallies at the coastal town on Saturday.

These are the Swapo Party, DTA of Namibia, United Democratic Front (UDF) and the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo).

The final rallies for the by-election expected to take place on Friday were held at various venues around the town.

Speaking at the Swapo rally, the party’s secretary-general Nangolo Mbumba encouraged supporters to vote for their candidate Juuso Kambueshe.

Mbumba said the party is expecting a clean sweep in this election, as it is ‘not scared of competition’.

Kambueshe is in the race with Nudo’s acting Erongo regional coordinator Uahimisa Kaapehi, Christa Magrietha Hochobes for the DTA, and the UDF’s secretary for the Swakopmund branch Marius !Uwu-Gaeb.

“As a citizen of this town you only have one duty on 29 May and that is to vote for Kambueshe. By doing so you give him a chance to upgrade. This election is simple because each party only has one candidate, so as a Swapo supporter you only vote for one person,” Mbumba said.

He aised Kambueshe to work hard when voted into power to assist all residents, regardless of their political affiliation or race.

“As Swapo we will vote for you. High votes come with even higher responsibilities because if you do not work hard it is a disappointment for those who vote for you. So go out there, visit every house and help the people,” he said.

He then turned his attention to the sensitive topic of land, where he urged citizens to approach the issue with caution and to not use conflict to try and solve it.

“Let us not argue about land, you cannot resolve land issues with conflicts. Our government has programmes to address the land problem so let us be supportive and patient as the matter will soon be dealt with,” said the Swapo secretary general.

Mbumba also used the opportunity to call upon all businesspeople in Swakopmund to support the needy and to actively participle in the affairs of the town.

“You cannot have people making money and sleeping well in this town but such people do not share their resources with those who have nothing, or they take a back seat and do not participate in any activities of their town,” he said.

The DTA and Nudo focused their campaigns on the DRC informal settlement, where Nudo candidate Kaapehi on Monday described the campaigns as peaceful overall.

“I am proud that our politics has matured as we as the opposition can exercise our rights without intimidation from members of the ruling party. As a candidate I am on good terms with Swapo supporters, so everything went well,” he said.

He added that he will continue campaigning in DRC until the last day as there are many Nudo supporters in the informal settlement.

Olsen Kahiriri, the DTA member responsible for the by-election campaign also confirmed that there was no intimidation.

He said on Saturday they introduced their candidate to supporters in DRC and encouraged them to vote for her. Kahiriri noted that Hochobes lives in DRC, therefore she is the perfect candidate as people know her and trust that she will listen to them and try to solve their problems.

Asked what the party expects to get from the election, he said “We are not here for jokes, we are in it to win”.


Source : The Namibian