CAN Gets N$1.8 Million Boost

The Bank Windhoek Cancer Project on Tuesday handed a cheque of N$1.8 million to the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN) in honour of the late sports consultant Quinton-Steele Botes.

Botes who died from cancer was the brand ambassador of Bank Windhoek and several other brands used to raise funds for cancer patients.

At the handover ceremony the managing director of Bank Windhoek Christo de Vries expressed his excitement at learning about the amount raised by the Bank Windhoek Cancer Project stating that the information was initially not disclosed to him.

“This year’s project showed significant changes in the entrepreneurial challenge for Bank Windhoek branches in which they were given seed capital from the bank to organise the fundraising project to raise funds for CAN.”

Furthermore the project has generated over N$11.8 million since its inception 14 years ago and this year’s amount exceeded expectations by N$670 000 compared to last year.

The vice-president of CAN Deon Obbes expressed his sincere gratitude to Bank Windhoek for its efforts in helping the success and existence of CAN.

He stated that CAN sorely depends on donors and assured that all donated funds would be used in a proper and transparent manner by the beneficiary.

However he thanked the project partners and corporate citizens who facilitated the whole process including transportation, aertising and selling, namely, Fruit and Veg, Nampost Couriers, RadioWave and Maerua SuperSpar.

Above all more than 400 schools competed for the prize money of N$25 500 – the winning schools each received N$5 000, while second received N$2 000 and third place N$1 500. Prizes were won according to categories of pre-primary, primary and secondary schools.

Source : New Era