Carribean, African and Brazilian Musicians Come to the Warehouse

Introducing a night of unique cultural experience and musical sensations from Caribbean, Africa and Brazil, is the meeting of African, Caribbean and Brazilian (CAB) music orchestrated by pianist, Mario Canonge, Cameroonian singer and guitarist, Blick Bassy, and the talented young Brazilian percussionist, Adriano Tenorio.

The band will bring its Jazzy-African tunes to Namibia on November 18 as part of a 21-countries tour throughout Africa, at the Warehouse Theatre. Coming from different cultures, countries and continents, not even seas could have dissuaded these three men from their musical mission. It is rather their love for their roots that has enabled them to come together to form CAB a music group that embodies Caribbean, African and Brazilian music with Jazz being the glue that unifies their unique sound.

CAB was founded in 2012 by Mario, from Caribbean, a pianist from Martinique, renowned for his percussion and subtle touch, following the heritage of music from the West Indies. Mario has accompanied the world’s greatest artists. Blick, a master in the subtle art of true singer-guitar players, has a brilliant way of navigating rhythmically between the strings and body of his drum-guitar. Adriano from Brazil has inherited great musical and rhythmic diversity with hundreds of beats, dance instruments and thousands of melodies.

CAB was formed with the aim to uncover the missing musical link between the three continents. After long spell of exploring, practicing and travelling, these three musicians have come together to give what they have mastered. With their cultural, musical mixture, music becomes infinite. They now have dedicated two months to travelling around Africa. CAB will be enchanting their mixture of Jazz, Rock, Fusion, Zouk, and Caribbean sounds. This is a night of mixture you would not want to miss out on.

Tickets are N$70 in aance at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC, Biltong Shop (Maerua Mall) or and N$ 90 at the door.

Source : New Era