Celebrity Shakedown – a Laugh but Lean On Celebs

Free Your Mind’s Celebrity Shakedown and Arts for Life Awards are where the city’s stars go to cry with laughter and cringe in a corner.

Pulling no punches when it comes to commenting on their mishaps, blunders and special treatment, this year’s shakedown had words for Agnes Kafula, Dillish, Tate Buti, Gazza, Blossom, Tequila, Sally, Kboz, Hage Geingob and many more.

Kicking off the comedy, Joh White celebrated his five year Free Your Mind anniversary with a rather erratic performance. The almost lone white comedian relied a little too much on ‘I’m short, white and unattractive’ jokes at the cost of actually shaking down celebrities but still managed a decent set in which he took self-deprecation to Lilliputian heights.

Next up was Bravo the Brain with his signature brand of lewd, crude humour interspersed with air humping. Discussing the fighting power of Tequila’s breasts, Mushe’s resemblance to a gwerrie, Stella’s apparent weight gain and Bertholdt’s ability to inspire suicide, Bravo held the crowd in the palm of his hand in his set mostly taking the mickey out of musicians.

Intelligent Ileka was next on the bill. Tall, laidback and with bits citing the biblical, Ileka won the audience and perhaps the night in his jokes about our senior citizen leadership being three years younger than God and nepotism dating back to the days of Christ when God gave Jesus his first job over Angel Gabriel – despite the messenger angel having way more experience.

Aising everyone to write to Agnes Kafula instead of Santa Claus this year, cautioning new flat screen owners to avoid housebreaks by putting the box in the neighbours’ trash and unequivocally declaring that black people don’t care about rhinos, Ileka hit his deliciously political punch lines with the ease of one wise cracking around a crackling fire.

Fernando, though lean on local celebrities, did manage to find some funny. Expounding on his experience of finding Wambos in Brazil, the fact that Angolans only make friends with Namibians on the eve of English exams as well as the trials of asking for post-show payment from coloured people, the Angolan earned his biggest laugh for the night in his bit about being rejected by a taxi then walking back to where he had walked over from instead of just standing there. Everyone who has ever endured the humiliation rolled in the aisles.

As for the Arts for Life Awards, they were delightfully shameless alongside the more serious stuff.

Sex scandal cyber star Celma MB won the 2014 Cheater of the Year award, Dillish picked up the award for best hustler, Best Female Comedian was awarded to Sibongile, for catching Angela Simmons, Knowledge Katti won Fisherman of the Year. For its data debacles and refunds of sixty cents, MTC won Tsotsi of the Year while Weezil took the trophy for Most Creative and Inspiring Comic, Courage caught Best Male Comic and Steven Biko breezed through to take New Kid on the Block.

The show also honoured the fallen in the arts fraternity with tributes to Julius Spiegel, Boetietjie Kavandje, Stanley van Wyk, Roger Itembu and Catty Catt.

Gravitas aside and hosted by crazed comedians Chiro and Courage who came together as C-Squared, the show boasted two hilarious hosts but lacked local celebrities which made for less laughter when hitting pertinent punchlines.

However, with or without them and with props to Sally and KBoz sitting in the front row, the show was mostly a laugh and half in a year that has certainly seen Free Your Mind hit its stride while splitting sides.

Source : The Namibian