CEO appointed on the Berseba Village Council

BERSEBA: Three of the five councillors serving on the Berseba Village Council recently appointed artisan NdeuhalaHangala as acting chief executive officer (CEO).

This is while the current administrative head of the beleaguered village authority in the Karas Region is still in office.

DTA councillorsJesajaHamman, Sara Isaak and Christina Isaaks promoted Hangala into the CEO position – effective from 12 January until 12 April this year – while Thomas Dreyer, who has been CEO for the last 15 years, is still reporting for work at the office every morning.

Dreyer, whose contract of employment came to an end in December last year, remains in office, pending a response from the council on his demand for reinstatement.

He is seeking reinstatement through legal means, citing an error committed by the councillors who mistakenly issued him with a letter citing a discharge clause, instead of the required notice prior to the end of his term.