Change in Statutes Decisive in NFA Presidency Contest

New amendments to the Namibia Football Association (NFA) statutes could potentially ground many aspirant candidates for the coveted NFA presidency, which becomes vacant in December when outgoing President John Muinjo passes the baton to his successor.

With only ten days left before closure for submissions for nominees, two candidates have confirmed interest in taking over football’s plum position but the race could be well over before a single vote is cast.

The NFA at its 12th Extraordinary Congress in Windhoek on September 26 this year, adopted a motion to amend the constitution primarily aimed at preventing every Tom, even Dick and never mind Harry to enter the fray on a free ticket.

“Any person who wishes to contest for a position within the NFA Portfolio must have been an active elected official with a NFA affiliate or member for a period of 4 years.”

It has emerged that charismatic Black Africa FC chairman and local business mogul Ranga Haikali is burning the midnight oil preparing to dangle a juicy carrot in the face of regional chairpersons to change their allegiance and cast their votes in his favour.

Haikali, gunning for a second time after his failed attempt to dislodge Muinjo in the last presidential election, is understood to be busy rolling out an irresistible blueprint to transform domestic football for good should he amass the required votes that will propel him to victory at the NFA Elective Congress, slated for December 6.

Quizzed to confirm his mooted candidacy, Haikali appeared a bit cagey saying he has no desire to impose himself on people and will only avail himself if nominated.

Haikali says he has been inundated with requests to stand for the presidency, mostly from clubs and football personalities, but was

quick to admit that his admirers don’t have voting power. “I will only stand if I receive approval from the regions and affiliates.”

Sources close to Haikali say valuable lessons have been learnt from his failed attempt in 2010 – pointing out that he has strung together a competent campaign team as he seeks to win the confidence and trust of regional chairpersons.

In the meantime, NFA Secretary General Barry Rukoro says all the necessary machinery needed for a transparent process leading to the elections are in place.

He expressed confidence that fair play would prevail.

“We have already sent invitations for nominations to our members and expect to have all this done by the 8th of next month for us

to finalize the process as a secretariat in the buildup to the Elective Congress.” The congress will elect the new Exco to oversee the running of local football affairs forthe next four years.

Source : New Era