Chaos Erupts After Polling Stations Closed

Chaos broke out at several polling stations during the 2014 Presidential and National Assembly election in the Khomas Region on Friday evening.

Registered voters who had not yet cast their votes when the polling stations closed at 21h00 on Friday night became frustrated , and members of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol), Reserve Field Force and the City Police had to be called to maintain peace amongst the voters.

The Eveline Courts polling station in Windhoek’s Samora Machel Constituency was one of the polling stations Nampa visited where members of the City Police were called in to diffuse tension between voters who had been queuing to vote.

The chaos, which almost got out of hand, resulted in some of the voters forcing their way into the polling station to get an opportunity to vote, but police officers quickly contained the situation.

The tent which had been set up for use as a polling station nearly collapsed when the voters forced their way into it before the police intervened.

Some of the voters who had queued at the Eveline Courts polling station since midday yesterday alleged that the Men and Women Network against Crime teams in the areas initiated the chaos.

According to the voters, some members of the community policing initiative started randomly hand-picking people from any point of the queue and allowing them into the station to vote.

This angered the voters, who then formed different queues in hopes of entering the station.

By midnight, the situation had still not been diffused as voters continued to force their way in at the Eveline Courts polling station, desperate to vote.

In a separate incident, two voters started fighting while pushing their way into the Findano Pre-Primary School polling station, also in the Samora Machel Constituency.

The two men disagreed on who was going to enter the polling station first as both felt they were first in the queue.

Other voters stepped in and broke up the fight.

Members of the Reserve Field Force were called to the polling station as more people continued to show up between 12h00 and 01h00 on Saturday morning to cast their votes. -Nampanbsp

Source : The Namibian