Charity in Financial Dire Straits

The TOV Multi-Purpose Centre in the Tsumeb District of Oshikoto Region is fast reaching breakdown point because of crippling financial constraints.

TOV needs help to bankroll its operations for about 54 children whose parents live in the Kuvukiland informal settlement of the copper town.

An additional 40 children attend pre-primary school at the centre at a fee of N$60 per month but due to a

lack of funds only five girls currently reside at the centre permanently.

According to TOV’s technical aiser Reverend Edward Amadhila an intervention is long overdue.

Most of the children wake up as early as 05h00 to be at the centre by 06h00.

“The children get here at 06h00 before going to school and we give them Nik-naks and bread to take to school for breakfast. In the past we included an apple or an orange in the meal but we can no longer afford to do that,” said Amadhila.

The ideal situation, according to the reverend, is to have enough money to keep the children in a supervised environment to encourage them to stay in school.

“We got praise from local authorities with the municipality telling us that we are providing a great service, however no matter how good words sound they remain only words and without assistance they are worthless. The children come to TOV in the morning before school and in the afternoon for lunch before departing for their homes,” said Amadhila.

He urged government, Cenored, the municipality and other local authorities to assist the centre with funds.

“We need to find a way as our children are dropping out of school like nobody’s business due to hunger. At TOV we have incentives to keep them in school,” he said. Cutting down on the number of children being supported has become increasingly inevitable with each passing day due to financial constraints.

“It breaks my heart to say this – but if no help comes along we will have to start turning them away. This is tough because we at TOV know these children really have nowhere else to go,” said Amadhila shaking his head despondently.

He said if the children of farm workers in Kuvukiland were not given food they would go back to shopping malls to beg.

The centre will accept any incentives from good Samaritans – food, blankets, old clothes and small donations are all welcome.

Source : New Era