Chaze Cruises Walvis in His Golf4 Cabriolet 17 Seconds Ago

WHEN Walvis Bay resident and motor car enthusiast Chaze Eiman tells you that his 2002 VW Golf4 two-door Cabriolet is something that catches the eye, and is the only one on the roads – he is not kidding.

His black drop top Golf is one of those cars that you will spot in any crowd, as Woema did during a recent visit to the Harbour Town, and caught up with Chaze who had just fetched his “week-end ride” from the car wash, turning heads as he cruised through town.

Clearly this iconic VW model is his pride and joy, and when he bought this 2-litrel five-speed manual petrol model in 2009, it was love at first sight. Although this is not the sort of car need to pimp beyond recognition and was purchased standard with no conversions, Chaze has added a few extra touches to make the vehicle pop like Mag rims, leather bucket seats, extra spot lights and few other touches.

Even with 134 kilometres on the clock, the engine and body of the vehicle is in good condition, and a quick spin around the block with the owner behind the wheel, gave one the impression that the Golf4 Cabriolet is a collectors dream car, and it is no wonder everyone would like one.

“I really enjoy driving my car over week-end’s as it is my way of spoiling myself,” said the family man who has a SUV for every day purposes with more space to load in the kids and the wife.

“My Golf4 is unique and I am sure you might not find another one like this in the country – certainly not a black one like mine,” he said proudly, adding that he feels a thrill every time he climbs in behind the steering wheel and starts up the engine.

“This car originally comes from South Africa, and after I saw a photo of it aertised I wasted no time to get my hands on it – I just couldn’t resist it and haven’t looked back since.

“I look after it very well – you have to especially when you are living at the coast – to take extra care to prevent rust,” he added, saying. “I am not planning to sell it in a hurry, even though I have had many offers over the years, and will be spending many more years enjoying my Golf4 drop top – and even more so when the weather is good.”

Although it is included in the fourth generation of Volkswagen Golf, the Volkswagen Golf IV Cabriolet is not actually the fourth version of the car – being developed on the same platform as Golf III Cabrio. The German car manufacturer improved this car and added new headlights a new grille and other elements used on the fourth version of Volkswagen Golf and marketed it as Golf IV Cabriolet.

Source : New Era