Chester Plans a Movie

Multi-talented singer and songwriter, Komunwe Nehemia, aka Chester, is planning producing a movie later this based Gender Based Violence (GBV) against women and on how to stop.

Chester who has released three music videos will also planning to release a by next month, titled Vision 2030, to motivate Namibians to love one another. The documentary video titled Onayena and two music videos of Education First and Rock die joll. He says the two music videos are currently enjoying massive airtime on local televisions, the Namibian Broadcast Corporation (NBC) and One Africa television, while the documentary is attracting viewers to social networks such as YouTube and Facebook. “My first video this year, Education First was released end of January. On this video, I am encouraging Youths to take their education serious and to avoid ineffective relationships and to focus on their studies,” he says. This video is produced by young Namibian producer, Damona, under the Wild Chickens Film Production (WCFP).

The second video, Rock die joll was released in the middle of February this year. Chester says with this video he is trying to convey a clear message and image of how people should love one another and how to hold onto their relationships. Rock die joll is produced by Today, under the X Film Production.

However, Onayena is actually a documentary video where he introduced Oshiwambo cultur. “Onayena is my hometown I know exactly what goes in and out. A wise man once told me that home is where the heart is, thus the documentary portrays my living condition in the village,” he says. The documentary is produced by Metine and was officially released at the beginning of this month. Written by Staff Reporter

Source : New Era