Chief Kapika joins Swapo-Party

OPUWO: The Chief of the Kapika Royal House in Epupa, Hikuminue Kapika joined the Swapo-Party along with 314 members of his community on Saturday.

The group was welcomed by the Secretary-General (SG) of Swapo, Nangolo Mbumba, who warned other political parties to keep their distance from Kapika as he is now a member of his party.

Mbumba said 2014 is a year of elections, but before the party’s campaign has started it has already started receiving new members.

The Presidential and National Assembly elections take place in November this year.

Kapika visited Mbumba’s office earlier this year to inform the Swapo SG that he wants to join the party.

This was confirmed by Mbumba on Saturday, when he recalled how he asked the chief whether he was sure of his decision.

“He told me that day in Windhoek that he is a chief and wanted to be a member of Swapo, and he will not change his mind on that fact any day,” he said.

Speaking at the event, Kapika said he joined Swapo because his community had allegedly turned against him and plans to dethrone him.

He also alleged that the DTA of Namibia, which he was previously a member of, had oppressed him.

“People of DTA should not ask me why I joined Swapo if I used to say I will never join Swapo, they should rather say we forced him to join Swapo,” said Kapika.

Some community members and relatives apparently want to replace him with his younger brother Mutambanda Kapika as they claim he does not have the interests of the community at heart.

Kapika is alleging that his relatives and community members are backed by the DTA of Namibia.

He said he joined the Swapo-Party by choice as it is a party where he would “find peace” and where his leadership would be guaranteed.

He also said while he was a member of DTA the Swapo-Party gave him a vehicle and when he wanted to move from DTA to another party he felt comfortable about joining Swapo as the party cared for him even though he was not a member.

Kapika was given a Toyota pick-up by former President Sam Nujoma some years back.

“I am a full member of Swapo now, a traditional leader who is a member of Swapo and I will do my activities as a leader in Swapo. But I am not going to only work with Swapo members, I will also work with all the community members in my area of jurisdiction, even those of DTA,” he said.

The welcoming was attended by the chairperson of the national leaders assigned to the Kunene Region, Charles Namoloh, who is also the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Housing and Rural Development.

Other ministers who witnessed the welcoming of Kapika was the Minister of Environment and Tourism, Uahekua Herunga and the Deputy Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare, Angelika Muharukua. The event was also attended by the advisor of the Kunene Governor, Kenatjironga Muharukua and Swapo’s regional information and mobilisation officer, Juliuse Kaujova.