Chief Maharero not part of Ehungiro meeting

GOBABIS; The head of the OtjikaTjamuaha Royal House, Tjinaani Maharero, says he will not be part of the OvaHerero Chiefs’ Council meeting starting at Ehungiro in the Otjinene Constituency on Monday.

The Ehungiro meeting is amongst others expected to elect a successor to the late OvaHerero paramount Chief Kuaima Riruako. It will be attended by various chiefs, traditional leaders and councillors – mainly from the Aminuis-based OvaHerero Traditional Authority.

Maharero told Nampa on Friday as he was not part of the OvaHerero Traditional Authority, he will not make an appearance at the meeting. He however expressed dissatisfaction with the organisers of the meeting for not officially informing him of the event, as it will be held within his jurisdiction.

“I will not be going to Ehungiro as I am not part of the OvaHerero Traditional Authority. The things they will be discussing there pertain to that authority. I was however surprised that those in charge of the gathering never bothered to inform me officially of the intended gathering, given that it is taking place within an area over which I have jurisdiction,” he said.

The Maharero Royal House leader however appealed to his subjects to do all they can to make sure that the large number of people expected at Ehungiro are properly accommodated and well taken care of.

“If you have an extra room to spare, please make it available for our visitors. After all, we are all OvaHerero and as such need to help each other along the way,” said Maharero.

The position of the paramount chief become vacant after the death of Riruako earlier this year after a long illness.

Chief Tumbee Tjombe was elected as acting paramount chief but died two months later after a long illness.

Riruako became Paramount Chief of the Herero in 1978.

He remained in that position until his death. Riruako took the position after the assassination of Clemens Kapuuo in 1978.