Chief of the Nama in Hospital

Chief Dawid Fredericks of the !Aman community has been hospitalised for almost a month at the Katutura State Hospital.

Fredericks underwent a delicate operation that reportedly went septic and he is now recuperating under hospital care.

The chief yesterday told New Era at the hospital, “If I lose my strength there is a generation that will take over (from me).”

When he was asked about the Nama and OvaHerero reparation demands and on the way forward, he replied, “I have asked Chief Kooitjie the deputy chairperson of the Nama Traditional Authority (NTA) to head the reparation talks until I gain my strength.”

Fredericks elaborated that Chief Kooitjie will not be the new chairperson of the NTA but would only head the reparation discussions on behalf of the Nama community while he recovers.

New Era also contacted the secretary general of the Nama traditional association on the role of the chief as the chairperson of the Nama Traditional Authority. “When you are chairperson you also head the working committee and the trust which mobilises resources for the Nama community. The aocacy of promoting the role-player in our community and inspiring members to become active in the political and economic fronts of Namibia.”

Fredericks who is aged 83 is a fourth-generation Fredericks family member.

Source : New Era