Chief Riruako’s Wife Hospitalised

THE wife of the late Paramount Chief of the Ovaherero and Nudo leader (Kuaima Riruako), Emmensia Riruako, was admitted to hospital on Tuesday evening due to depression amid claims that she wants to avoid attending a memorial service in his honour.

She is admitted at the Rhino Park Hospital, and is receiving no visitors, The Namibian established.

The family spokesperson, Vetaruhe Kandorozu, said Riruako had not been feeling well but is fine now. “She is depressed, but she is fine now and I can confirm that she is going to be at the memorial service of the chief on Friday,” Kandorozu said.

Some people left yesterday to prepare for the chief’s memorial service in Aminuis which is scheduled to take place tomorrow.

Kandorozu also said that the chief’s body will be returned to Windhoek on Sunday to prepare him for the State funeral the following week.

According to sources Riruako is feigning illness to avoid attending the memorial service for the chief.

“She does not want to attend the chief’s memorial in Aminuis for reasons only known to her,” the source told The Namibian yesterday.

Chief Riruako was admitted to the Roman Catholic Hospital intensive care unit on 26 April due to high blood pressure where he remained until his death on 2 June at he age of 79. He is survived by his wife and 16 children.

Source : The Namibian