Children’s Business Fair Hosted

The children educational programme “I am the Key Media” hosted its first ever business fair at the Eros Primary School sports ground in the capital recently.

The business fair attracted over 600 learners between five 15 years from various primary schools, whom the event helped in boosting their self-esteem, improve their communication skills and create teamwork amongst children, as well as to mobilise and instil the children with a sense of national pride and to equip them with the understanding of the basics of business fiannces. The founder of the programme, Dalah Hapulile, says the business fair aimed at showcasing children’s creativity, innovative ideas as well as their skills, and how to use such to generate income. “As part of our mission to educate, inspire and motivate, this event also aimed at encouraging children to learn and understand the value of money, hard work and develop their entrepreneurship skills,” adds Hapulile. By participating in the fair, children have also developed a sense of accountability and responsibility. “The event made children understand the value of money, and that success comes from good planning, organising, interaction and hard work,” she adds.

I am the Key Media is a children’s programme that has been airing on the Namibia Broadcast Corporation (NBC) 1 every Friday at three o’clock (15h00) since April last year. The programme was founded by Hapulile in 2008 under Dalarize Development Project (DDP), a highly active, results-driven and outcomes based empowerment organisation. DDP ensures that the empowerment initiatives implemented can be measured, add value and make a visible difference in people’s lives when it comes to “I am the Key Media”. “I am the Key Media” aims at educating children in Namibia and first started only by training children in poetry and dance at Pashukeni Kindergarten, a school for vulnerable children and orphans in Ombili,Katutura.

Source : New Era