Children’s MPs Attended International Conference

Members of the Namibian Children’s Parliament, Norman Ndeuyeeka and Emma Teofelus recently attended the International Conference of the World’s Young Members of Parliament (MPs) in Tokyo, Japan to discuss the world issues affecting the young people.

The two- day conference was organised by Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) for world young parliamentarians. Namibia for the second time delegated the youngest MPs. According to Ndeuyeeka the IPU gathers young lawmakers to discuss world issues affecting young people not only in their countries but the whole world at large. “Young parliamentarians are seen as role models and influential individuals that could influence the legislature in favors of the youth and children,” he says.

He adds that it is important to note that young people and children make up most of the world’s populations and they are mostly hit by poverty and unemployment. “Because of high unemployment and lack of skills training facilities, the youth had turned to terrorist groups for employment where they are well paid,” says Ndeuyeeka. He adds that child malingers and child soldiers are other concerns to the IPU. “It’s through such conference us young lawmakers identify and find a winning formula to address such issues,” notes Ndeuyeeka.

Source : New Era