Children’s playgrounds in Mondesa, Tamariskia residential areas are in a bad state due to vandalism

SWAKOPMUND: Children’s playgrounds in the Mondesa and Tamariskia residential areas of Swakopmund are in a bad state due to constant vandalism, a situation which disappoints the town authority.

Swakopmund Mayor Juuso Kambueshe told Nampa on enquiry yesterday the town council is aware of the state in which the playgrounds are, saying the damage is caused by repeated vandalism.

He used the opportunity to advise members of the community to refrain from vandalising properties at playgrounds such as see-saws, swings and other infrastructure like toilet windows and walls.

There are around 36 public open spaces, gardens and playgrounds in Swakopmund.

Kambueshe added that generally, council has been struggling to develop recreational areas in the higher-lying parts of town such as Tamariskia and Mondesa.

He noted that this is because of limited finances, and because potable tap water is too expensive to be used for grass and flowers’ irrigation, and is not sustainable for such use due to the region’s desert environment with little water.

He indicated that the town council is envisaging getting individual community members to monitor playgrounds to deter vandals.