China Develops Namibia – Pohamba

IT WAS all praise for China by President Hifikepunye Pohamba at the start-up of Swakop Uranium’s N$20 billion Husab Uranium Mine, and the groundbreaking ceremony of the N$3 billion Namport container terminal last week.

China has the majority 90% stake in Swakop Uranium’s Husab through Taurus Minerals Limited, which is owned by China General Nuclear Power Company.

China is also the main contractor for the N$3 billion container terminal through its China Harbour Engineering Company, which is a subsidiary of China Communications Construction Company (a Fortune 500 company).

Both events last week were described as historic being the biggest investment by China into Africa, and also the biggest infrastructural development in Namibia to be carried out by the Chinese.

Pohamba was also full of praise for China for its role in training and arming Namibian freedom fighters to “defeat the racist South African apartheid regime” that paved the way for Namibia’s independence.

He said that China helped Namibia with “vast assistance” when former President Sam Nujoma approached the Chinese government in 1963 to assist in the struggle against South Africa.

“I think I am going to be misinterpreted by the press. The Chinese were requested by Sam Nujoma to come and train the Namibian freedom fighters. At that time I was given the charge for some activities. The Chinese also gave us a lot of guns. They gave us a lot of guns that we used to fight the racist apartheid occupiers of our country. The weapons you gave us were effective. We used them effectively. Because of the effectiveness of the weapons, when we had them, we feared no SA racist because we knew that having them in our hands we can defend ourselves, and indeed we did defend ourselves,” said Pohamba at the commissioning of the Husab mine. ”

Pohamba further praised the Chinese for their hard work and the quality of their work.

He said that Namibians use all their time watching the clock to see when it was time to go home.

“The Namibian workers will blame the Chinese, saying the Chinese are no good because the Chinese work extra hours,” said Pohamba.

Source : The Namibian