Chinamibia Hosts Arts Workshop

ChiNamibia Arts Education for Development hosted its arts workshop at the Deutsche Hohere Primer Schule (DHPS) Theatre to learn more about the different disciplines of arts.

Up to 15 children were given an opportunity to attend arts lessons and learned more on how to create a theatre play, casting the actors, use of props, acting skills, stage directions, elements of drama, dance choreographic tools, dance technique, co-ordination and practical dance skills. Children were also given an opportunity to learn how to paint and draw using different skills and materials.

According to the co-founder of ChiNamibia, Kapenangutjiua Vetira, the workshop was to create different theatre plays based on the children’s opinions and to teach them new genres of African dance. “The children also learnt different techniques of African dance and also did improvised theatre titled Theft in the king’s cattle,” says Vetira. She adds that ChiNamibia has managed to create partnership with different schools to have the arts education during their holiday programme. “ChiNamibia benefited a lot on this workshop by working completely with a new group of children whereby they created a partnership with DHPS and looking forward by doing more arts workshops at the school during holiday program,” she says.

Vetira adds that different arts educators developed their skills of creating theatre plays, directing, choreographing and script writing to the children. She says they are looking forward to get partnership with more schools around Windhoek, and in Namibia as a whole. More information is available from mobile telephone numbers: 0813005673 or 0813954353.

Source : New Era