Chinamibia Plans Children’s Festival

ChiNamibia Arts Education for Development is planning a children’s festival this August.

Co-founder of ChiNamibia, Kapenangutjiua Vetira, says the festival aims to provide every Namibian child with a platform to air their views as-well as to share their culture they inherited from their ancestors as their traditions and to make sure it is passed onto the next generations.The festival will consist of dancing, singing, plays, performances, choreography and dramas. Vetira says children will be given different activities and tasks to do during the day to entertain the audiences. The festival will also consist of braais and refreshments. Foods and drinks will be on sale.

“This Festival is strictly for the Namibian children who would like to perform their own traditional dances and it will be led by ChiNamibia professional dancers and choreographers,” says Vetira.Some of ChiNamibia’s principal objectives are to promote knowledge of the cultural diversity of Namibia give a platform to children to voice their opinions through arts and cultural education and provide initiatives, bring change through the arts, media and other child and youth friendly channels. ChiNamibia aims to provide initiatives geared towards bring about behaviour and mindset change among the yourh on issues such as health (HIV and AIDS), democracy, gender, abuse, rape, teenage pregnancies, climate change, sports, arts and as well as children rights.

Source : New Era