Chinese Hi-Tech Could Benefit Namibia

A project manager at a Beijing-based broadcast equipment maker says Namibia can benefit from his company’s expertise in its migration from analogue to digital technology. Namibia has started moving from analogue to digital TV and has set a deadline of June 2015 in the exercise that will cost hundreds of thousands of Namibian dollars.

Sheng Li who has many years in dealing with the African market said Beijing BBEF Science and Technology Co., which is based in the Shunyi district and is China’s oldest and largest broadcast equipment manufacturer, can go a long way in assisting Namibia in digital technology.

Beijing BBEF Science and Technology Co. (BBEF) was founded in 1950, with business focussed on RampD, design, manufacture, system integration and service in the field of radio, TV and telecommunication transmission equipment. Its products consist of TV, FM, MW and SW transmitters, other radio communication equipment, micro-wave links, antenna and tower, cable TV apparatus and audiovisual equipment.

According to Sheng, the company that has tens of billions in annual turnover has so far had dealings with a number of African countries, including Namibia’s neighbours Zimbabwe, Angola and Zambia.

BBEF also manufactures equipment for the United States of America, South America and the European market.

“Africa is very important to BBEF as it is where many countries are migrating to the digital system and we have the expertise and capacity to carry out this transformation,” Sheng told New Era on the sidelines of a media briefing.

Sheng said he was well aware that countries with smaller populations like Namibia may struggle with revenue to purchase and put up modern equipment and install software, however adding that joint venture and corporation agreements between the Chinese and Namibian governments could be the key for both countries.

Apart from TV and radio broadcast equipment that include studio equipment, OB vans, transmitter stations and satellite receiving systems, BBEF also manufactures and installs communication devices, communication equipment and software on army vehicles.

“BBEF has supplied 148 transmitters to Ethiopia alone and a number of military agencies in Africa, and this is the reason why I said Africa is a very important partner for us,” Sheng said.

Source : New Era