Chinese Man Arrives in Namibia On Bicycle

Many locals have come to dislike the rapid increase of Chinese nationals in their midst, whom many blame for wrestling potential employment opportunities away from them as a result of the Chinese modernised techniques and vast expertise in the various industries, with building construction their main target.

It is on a very rare occasion to come across people of Chinese descendant roaming aimlessly around the city of Windhoek, let alone visiting our neck of the woods as pure tourists.

Yesterday, traffic almost came to a virtual standstill in the northern part of Windhoek when an uncommon heavily loaded bicycle, paddled by a Chinese rider, strolled along the outstretched Mandume Ndemufayo Avenue.

Our team spotted the unusual attraction and resolved to have a word with the leg-weary but friendly, courageous cyclist.

Li Jianbo, 29 is a man on a serious mission to have his name engraved in full print in the famous Guinness Book of Records. He cycled from his native China to Namibia through a journey that took 14-months through the African jungle, arriving in Katima Mulilo in July this year en route to the Mother City in South Africa.

The aenturous Jianbo left the central China town of Wuhan in April last year and crossed into Africa through Jordan, with Egypt his first entry port on the African continent. “I was almost shot dead by a trigger-happy soldier in Egypt who mistook me for a rebel,” revealed Jianbo.

However, it was not always a smooth sailing aenture for the heavily bearded cyclist. He was obliged to fend off many challenges that included a near fatal attack by an agitated hippo along the Kavango River. The beast did not take kindly to his presence around its habitat and while he lost two valuable fishing rods, he also had to replace ten tires during the gruelling escapade.

Upon his arrival in the Land of the Brave, the multi-talented, self-styled cyclist-cum-folk guitarist, hooked up with the locals, jamming with some local musos to refresh his tiring frame and mindset while in the process collecting few much-needed coins.

Despite the fact that an unnamed Chinese fishing company funded his African safari, the clearly worn out cyclist revealed that Cape Town will be his final destination.

Overall, Jianbo clocked approximately 21 000 kilometers but since he is now running low on funds, he decided to end his aenture prematurely and will now go back home aboard a ship instead of cycling back. He uses a tent as accommodation and prepares his own meals, which consists largely of boiled eggs and fish caught from the rivers.

Source : New Era