Choose Leaders Wisely – Nambinga

NAMIBIANS should make a responsible and wise choice when they elect the next President and other political leaders this year, the Rally for Democracy and Progress secretary for information and publicity has said.

Addressing RDP members in Ohangwena region at Omundaungilo village last week, Jeremia Nambinga said Namibians have arrived at a crossroads where everyone has to make a correct choice about which road to take.

He said there is a bumpy road which is difficult to travel and those who travel by this road must be prepared to be insulted, persecuted, blackmailed and their characters assassinated. This, Nambinga said, is the road of visionary people, the road to rescue Namibia from sinking in the deep ocean of poverty, artificial destitution and hopelessness.

“We, in the RDP, have chosen the bumpy road. We are united and prepared to work harder than ever to open the ears and the eyes of many Namibians who might have been misled, so that they can realise that Namibia is their only national asset and must, therefore, be rescued from the claws of greedy Swapo Party elements,” Nambinga said.

The other road, he said, is an easy one that does not need preparation because it is smooth and appears shiny from a distance.

But this road is for non-visionary people, a road of autocracy and dictatorship, a road of political idiots who do not respect the national Constitution and would even not hesitate to harass and intimidate those who speak the truth against them.

“This is a road of corrupt elements whose main objective is to enrich themselves at the expense of others. It is a road of selfish people who, when they are in certain positions of government, would not want to employ people who are not affiliated to their political parties,” Nambinga said.

He urged RDP leaders in Ohangwena and other regions to work hard and recruit as many people as possible and not to fear harassment and intimidation.

“While birds of the air can rest peacefully on trees, our people are even denied the right to assemble under the shade of natural trees. We must remain committed and determined because we have a responsibility towards our people,” Nambinga said.

Source : The Namibian