City of Windhoek allocates N.dollars 7.6m to City Police towards crime-prevention efforts

WINDHOEK: The City of Windhoek has allocated about N.dollars 7.6 million of its 2014-15 financial year budget to the City Police towards its crime-prevention efforts.

The CoW’s Strategic Executive for Finance, Deon Gerber said during the City’s breakfast meeting to discuss the budget here on Monday this allocation to the City Police will cover the purchase of additional closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras in order to curb crime in the city.

The official City Council document availed during the monthly council meeting on Thursday last week said a total of N.dollars 2.1 million is allocated for law-enforcement technology; N.dollars 980 000 for traffic equipment and traffic lights; while N.dollars 3 million is allocated to City Police vehicles and bicycles.

A total of N.dollars 65 000 is allocated for the purchase of office equipment, furniture and tools; N.dollars 400 000 was reserved to build car ports; and N.dollars 1 million to renovate the City Police’s cash hall.

The City Council last Thursday approved the municipality’s total budget of N.dollars 4.1 billion for the 2014/15 financial year.

From that amount, N.dollars 132 million has been allocated to new capital projects, N.dollars 435 million to ongoing projects and N.dollars 3.4 billion to the operational budget.