City Police arrest housebreaking suspect

WINDHOEK: The City Police arrested a 25-year-old man after they received three complaints about housebreaking in the Wanaheda and surrounding residential areas on Wednesday night.

The suspect, who claimed that he is from Zimbabwe, was found walking in a riverbed in the Wanaheda area. He was found in possession of a bolt cutter, two screwdrivers, a can of pepper spray, a roll of duct tape and other sharp objects normal used for housebreaking.

He told the City Police he has lived in Namibia since 2012, but could not provide any documentation and said he apparently lost his national documents.

Senior Superintendent of the City Police, Gerry Shikesho told Nampa on Thursday criminals take advantage of the cold conditions during winter.

“They know homeowners would not want to get out of bed to investigate any suspicious moves,” Shikesho stated.

The suspect will remain in custody while the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration investigates whether he is in Namibia legally.

Meanwhile in a separate incident, the City Police arrested two employees of the Ministry of Education after they were caught siphoning diesel from fuel supplies they were supposed to deliver to schools.

The two were caught while transferring the diesel from fuel drums on their vehicle to a drum on the ground by the City Police at a house in the Shandumbala residential area on Wednesday night. They told the police they had delivered diesel to some schools in the Khomas Region.

Their supervisor, who was also at the City Police’s offices in Wanaheda, told Nampa there could have been a misunderstanding as the two employees had the necessary orders and paper work to transport fuel to rural schools in the Khomas Region. She however could not explain why the two employees came back from the schools with some of the diesel still in their possession. The diesel is used by the schools to for electricity purposes as the schools make use of generators.

Police investigations are underway in both cases.