City Police catch thieves red-handed

WINDHOEK: Two men were arrested on Saturday by the City Police after they and three others broke into a vehicle close to Parliament.

The arrest came after members of the City Police monitoring the Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras saw the gang breaking into the vehicle at about 17h00.

City Police officers were dispatched to the scene and two suspects were arrested. The other three who managed to escape arrest, are known to the City Police.

One of the two arrested is out on bail of N.dollars 5 000 for a simila offense.

He is one of the “Corolla gang”, which terrorised the city during February this year.

Five members of that group were arrested early March this year after a shoot-out with the City Police in the Goreangab settlement.

The City Police recovered N.dollars 1 000 of N.dollars 6 000 which was stolen from that car.

The City Police’s Senior Superintendent Gerry Shikesho told reporters on Saturday evening that theft out of motor vehicles remains a concern to them.

“If they (criminals) keep on getting bail, there is no deterrent to keep them away from crime,” said Shikesho.

The two suspects are expected to appear in court on Monday.