City Police Chief describes festive season as a black month

WINDHOEK: The City Police Chief, Abraham Kanime, has described the festive season as a black month, which resulted in a high number of cases of Assault with intent to do Grievous-Bodily-Harm (Assault-GBH).

A total of 259 cases were recorded in Windhoek in December 2014.

The cases reported were mainly alcohol related and involved people who were in romantic relationships with each other, as well as people assaulted in violent crimes like robberies.

Kanime told Nampa in an interview yesterday that not less than 40 cases of assault-GBH were recorded every week since the start of December.

He said the figure however marks a decrease in assault-GBH cases for 2014 by 11 per cent from a total of 2643 compared to the year 2013 when 2965 cases were recorded.

Kanime said some of the incidents reported occurred after people came from drinking sprees.