City to Levy Fee for Duplicate Statements

The City of Windhoek announced that they will levy a fee of N$15 plus Value Added Tax (VAT) for each duplicate statement requested by clients as from 1 April 2014.

The City claims that this is being done to ensure that clients avoid delaying services by requesting for extra statements when they reach the paying halls.

Lydia Amutenya, the Public Relations officer of CoW said they e-mail statements to clients, but some clients still request for more statements once they get to the cash halls to pay for their accounts.

“We send a client’s original statement free of charge and the request for a second one increases printing costs so because of these we have decided to charge a fee from 1 April for every duplicate statement a client will request after they have already received a original through email, in person or via the postal address they have provided us,”she said.

She also added that the CoW periodically notifies it’s clients to update their details, should there be any changes of address or other information, they encourage clients to update their details.

Amutenya added that it is unlikely for clients’ details to be incorrect and not receive their monthly municipal statement but they have noticed that some clients use postal addresses which are no longer in use or that have postal addresses that have changed.

“Some clients give us e-mail addresses which are bouncing back to us so we urge them to notify us is that happens so that we update new addresses as it is their responsibility to do so,”she said.

Speaking at a media briefing in the capital on Friday, the City of Windhoek’s Manager for Corporate Communications, Marketing, Tourism and Customer Care, Joshua Amukugo also added on Amutenya’s sentiments and called on all municipal clients to ensure that all their contact details on their accounts are updated and correct.

He said the mailing of the original statements remain free of charge, but all subsequent statements requested over the counter, or for ‘re-emailing’ or faxing will be subject to that charge.

“We, therefore, invite all our clients to visit our cash halls and update their contact details by completing the necessary forms readily available at our enquiry desks,” Amukugo noted.

Source : The Namibian