Close to 200 workers at Namib Mills stage peaceful demonstration against alleged unfair labor practices

WINDHOEK: Close to 200 workers at Namib Mills yesterday staged a peaceful demonstration during lunchtime here against alleged unfair labour practices.

The workers complained of a weak salary and unfavorable working conditions at the company.

They handed over a petition to the company’s management team that contains their grievances and demanded immediate responses to their complaints.

The demonstrating workers are all reported to be members of the newly-established Namibia National Labour Organization (NANLO), which is being spearheaded by trade unionist firebrand Evilastus Kaaronda.

During the demonstration, the workers bitterly complained about the alleged inconsistency by the company’s management in applying disciplinary rules, and the provisions of its Code of Conduct.

A member of Namib Mills management team, who refused to disclose his identity to journalists, received the petition on behalf of the company and promised to give response to the workers’ grievances within a short period of time.

It is reported that a general worker at Namib Mills only receives a monthly payment of about N.dollars 1 500, which is considered low by market standards.