Coalition a Bad Idea

PRESIDENT of the People’s Democratic Movement Joseph Kauandenge will never consider a coalition again.

Kauandenge said this after he announced the party’s ‘divorce’ from their three-year partnership with the National Democratic Party, on Wednesday.

He said the two parties’ different ideologies and methods of doing things made it impossible for the coalition to work.

“We cannot go into details in terms of what transpired during the three years. The deep-rooted differences will remain household information. It is clear now, more than ever before, that we cannot reconcile our differences.

“This time around, I tried to make things work. It did not. So I rest my case. If there is any party that thinks I will jump around and join, I must think twice. I have had enough to last me a lifetime. I would rather continue pursuing the registration of PDM at all cost,” he said.

Kauandenge said his party has been trying to ensure that the coalition stood the test of time and became one political party.

“When we were in a coalition, we enjoyed each other’s time, resources and membership,” said Kauandenge.

Lukako Lukato, who leads the NDP, yesterday said he was informed about the ‘divorce’ and was not bothered because Kauandenge had not added any value to the partnership.

“Did you see any press release or were you ever invited to a press conference by Kauandenge since we became partners? It makes no difference now,” said Lukato, adding that there were no financial benefits and that the party mostly depended on his own stipends since they have no donors.

“I never depended on him. Even now, I still remember what my goal is and what my mission has always been. I want to free the nation from poverty,” said Lukato, whose party got 1 187 votes for the National Assembly during the last elections.

Source : The Namibian