Cohabitation Cause of Passion Killings

Cohabitation and the easy access which minors and others have to alcohol are what fuels so-called crimes of passion.

This view on some of the possible causes of passion killings in the country was expressed by the chairperson of the Maltahoumlhe Village Council, Councillor Simon Haikwiyu on Monday. Speaking at the official opening of the Maltahoumlhe Clinic in the Hardap Region, Haikwiyu suggested those found cohabitating ‘illegally’ should be punished heavily. “The police and community must be on the lookout for those who are practicing adultery and disrespecting God’s commandments and be issued with tickets just like when you disobey traffic rules and regulations. Marriage should be the ticket to live together as responsible adults,” he said.

He urged the community to take care of the facility so that it can be used by future generations as well. “I am confident that the new facilities will radically improve the quality of service and infrastructure for patients and staff both in the immediate future and in the three years to come. I trust our government will in the future do more upgrades on dilapidated health facilities and finally build a hospital in Maltahoumlhe,” he said.

He also noted that the Maltahoumlhe community is heavily dependent on the Mariental Hospital, which is a very long drive away for critically ill patients. He also called on government to consider sending a second ambulance to Maltahoumlhe or at least a second driver to assist during long distance trips. “Almost every day especially over the weekends our hospitals are overwhelmed by incidents of common ruthlessness, assaults that lead to death in some cases, resulting from excessive abuse of alcohol and drugs,” he said

“To this end I call upon citizens especially men to adopt a culture of mutual respect, tolerance and human dignity. I would also like to condemn the malicious killings of women by their lovers in our nation.”

Source : New Era