Cold weather in interior is caused by cold front over Cape Town: Odillo Kgobetsi

WINDHOEK: The cold weather experienced in the Namibian interior is being caused by a cold front over Cape Town in neighbouring South Africa.

Chief Meteorological Technician of Operations at the Namibia Meteorological Service (NMS) Odillo Kgobetsi told Nampa today that this cold-air mass moved into the southern parts of Namibia.

The South African Weather Service warned last week that the first of two cold fronts would hit the Western Cape last Wednesday morning, with another one set to make landfall later in the day.

Widespread showers, localised flooding, rough seas, snow and cold conditions were forecast. Kgobetsi said cold air will prevail in the South and overnight, and morning temperatures will be below freezing level in places.

Showers are expected in the extreme south on Tuesday. Warming temperatures are expected on Wednesday, as the flow will become easterly to northerly, Kgobetsi said.

According to the weatherman, cold temperatures will prevail in the central-eastern parts, while below- freezing temperatures are expected on Tuesday night and early in the morning in places.

Warming temperatures are expected on Wednesday, as the flow becomes easterly to westerly.