Colossal Cactus Clean-Up

TEAM Farm Windhoek and the Botanical Society of Namibia are joining together on Saturday 21 June, 08h00 – 12h00 on the grounds near the Waldorf Kindergarten to make a dent in the cactus infestation in the area near the Waldorf School.

The cactus infestation in the Waldorf area comprises mainly three species: Cylindropuntia imbricata, Opuntia stricta and Harrisia martinii, although others also occur. All cacti are alien in Namibia and many are extremely invasive. The cactus family has become a serious threat to our indigenous flora. Any small broken off cactus piece can root and grow and requires minimal sustenance to flourish. Due to this, it is essential that cacti that are cleared, be disposed of responsibly. We hope to mobilise school pupils, students, hikers and bikers as well as other concerned members of the public to join in this exercise. The Windhoek municipality will be providing 4 large skips to remove the plant material from the area.

Besides the indigenous flora being squeezed out by these pests, there are increasing reports of humans and domestic pets needing medical attention to remove cactus spines, and one may assume that wild animals and birds are equally affected by these plants.

This is an ideal opportunity to make a difference to our environment. Come along on 21 June, and bring your family and friends too. Welding gloves (or a similar kind), braai tongs and hooks, forks, rakes, long-handled clippers, saws, g cardboard boxes and wheelbarrows are useful tools when removing cacti. Hats, sunscreen, water, sturdy long pants and sturdy shoes are additionally required.

An indemnity form will be available on the day and has to be signed. Medical attention will be on site. If you are not able to be part of this exercise but would like to help, a donation of N$150.00, payable to the Botanical Society of Namibia, will secure the services of a worker to assist.

Source : The Namibian