Commercial Farmers Exempted From Tax

The Ministry of Lands and Resettlement has delivered an early Christmas present to all Namibian commercial agricultural farmers by announcing that they are exempted 100 percent from paying land tax for the financial year 20122013.

This exemption is part of the efforts to mitigate the effects of the severe drought experienced in 2013 and that was declared as a State of Emergency, says Minister of Lands and Resettlement, Alpheus !Naruseb. “Following the concurrence of the Ministry of Lands and Resettlement with the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry as required by the Agricultural (Commercial) Land Reform Act, Act No 6 of 1995, as amended, this announcement comes subsequent to the National Assembly’s approval on October 8 this year of a zero percent tax rate in respect of the 20122013 financial year and land tax assessments,” Minister !Naruseb notes.

He says the exemption applies to all agricultural commercial farmers for the above-mentioned financial year. Landowners who have already paid the 20122013 land tax but still own their farms will receive credit on their 20132014 financial year land tax assessment. “However, for those who have sold their farms during the exemption period can apply to the ministry with proof of payment for a refund,” the Minister says. He adds that the land tax assessments for the 20132014 financial year, with a payment due date of February 2015, will be sent to all agricultural commercial farmerslandowners before the end of this month.

All queries or clarifications regarding the land tax exemption should be directed to the office of the Valuer General. The contact details are: Directorate of Valuation and Estate Management, Ministry of Lands and Resettlement Headquarters, 55 Robert Mugabe Avenue tel. 061 296 5000. Contact persons are Rudolf !Nanuseb (061 296 5100), or Protasius Thomas, Deputy Valuer General (061 296 5030).

Source : New Era