Community of Narraville busy mobilizing residents of harbor town to stage a peaceful demonstration against storage of dangerous goods near their residential area

WALVIS BAY: The community of Narraville in Walvis Bay is busy mobilising all residents of the harbour town to stage a peaceful demonstration against the planned storage of dangerous goods near their residential area.

The companies Native Storage Facility and Enviro Solutions made proposals to the Walvis Bay local authority, the Namibian Port Authority (Namport) and other stakeholders on collecting all dangerous goods stored around Walvis Bay for safe storage in the facility.

Residents are strongly opposing the storage of the dangerous goods, including explosives and radioactive material, near the residential area as they say they fear for their lives and the future of their children.

Narraville resident Stan Baumann, who spoke on behalf of the residents, told Nampa yesterday the community is busy informing the whole town and collecting signatures for a petition.

The demonstration is expected to take place on 01 July, and a petition will be handed over to the Municipality of Walvis Bay on the day.

The goods are to be stored in a communication bunker formerly used by the South African army.

It is located less than 30 kilometres south of Walvis Bay.

The residents said although the idea to control the storage of such dangerous goods is good, the proposed location for storage is not acceptable and they want it to be located far from any town.