Complaints About Poor Service At Tsumeb Dros

The Dros restaurant in Tsumeb is a socialising hub and a favourite among families. The steakhouse has an olympic size swimming pool, a view that leaves many visitors in awe.

However, when it comes down to the restaurant’s core business, preparing food and provide customer service, some Tsumeb residents claim the restaurant is lacking as customers walk away disappointed.

Gurney Uirab, a resident of Tsumeb and a customer of Dros said that when Dros first opened its doors in Tsumeb they received a lot of hype as most of the the town’s young crowd would flock there to dine.

“I really looked forward to eating there because I like the atmosphere. The patio overlooking the swimming pool is lovely but their food is not up to standard,” he said. Now I rather go somewhere else if I want to eat because not only is their food overcooked or undercooked, but the waitresses don’t have manners,” said Gurney.

Another customer, Lorinda Gertze, who recently went to Dros for a meal with friends said they had to wait for more than 20 minutes once seated just for someone to take their drink order and another 20 minutes for the drinks to arrive.

“It wasn’t really a busy day and there were about six waitresses standing outside but it took them a long time to serve us,” Lorinda said.

“When the food eventually came, it was a great disappointment. I honestly just wanted to walk out. I ordered a Dros steak with mash and it looked like something that was prepared by a child. I asked for my steak to be well done, but when it came it was literally dripping with blood.

“My friend had an Eisbein and because I couldn’t really eat my food I asked to share some of his. It tasted like the meat was sitting in their kitchen for days.

“We called the assistant manager and she rudely handed us a complaint form that looked like a questionnaire to fill in and she left.

“I then thought to myself that ordering dessert will be a waste of my hard-earned money,” a disgruntled Lorinda said.

When asked by this reporter telephonically how they deal with customer complaints and if they have ever received any complaints from customers about their food, the manager of Dros restaurant, Venter Coetzee, said when customers complain they take the matter up.

“People have different tastes, so what one customer likes, the other might not like,” he said.

He also asked this reporter if it was her complaining or customers.

Coetzee however added, that they haven’t had any complaints thus far from customers and that this was the first.

“When a customer complains we give them a book to fill in and the book is given to me. I didn’t receive any complaints,” said Coetzee.

After we spoke he asked questions to be emailed to him but two weeks later, he still had not responded.

Source : The Namibian