Con Artists Lurk On Networking Sites

A WINDHOEK man lost a Samsung S4 mobile phone valued at N$6 000 last week to conmen, who responded to an aertisement he had placed on a social media network site.

Jesaya Shilongo, who works for Telecom Namibia, said a man called him on Friday morning, asking about the phone and showing interest in buying it for his son.

“He said he would be sending his son to collect it from me,”said Shilongo.

Shilongo added that a while later, a young man claiming to be the man’s son met him outside his workplace where he showed interest in the handset. He said the “son” could be in his late 20s and speaks with a foreign accent, most probably Zambian.

“After inspecting the phone, he called his purported father and told him he wanted him to buy the phone. The “father” then asked for and I provided him with my banking details. I received an SMS from the bank a few minutes later that there had been a transaction into my account and was convinced that the money had been paid into my account. I then handed over the phone to the stranger,” he said.

Shilongo said he later called his bank to inquire about the deposit and was told it was a cheque that would be cleared in a few days. He was later informed that it had bounced.

“After discovering that it was a scam, I immediately called the man and demanded my phone back, but he cut me off. I never heard from him again,” Shilongo said.

Shilongo said he has since opened a police case under the number CR 1004052004 at the Windhoek Police Station.

Police Inspector Edwin Kanguatjivi this week said several people involved in scams over the past months have been arrested, and warned the public not to be gullible when making transactions with strangers.

Kanguatjivi said a cheque takes three to four days to be uncleared.

“After four days if you call the bank, they will tell you that the cheque has bounced because there are insufficient funds in the depositor’s account or it is a fake cheque. I just want to warn the nation that they must not accept any cheque from someone they don’t know,” he said.

Source : The Namibian