Congratulation Namibia and Happy Birthday to You! [opinion]

THERE is a proverb in Oshiwambo that says, ‘Waapandula onokayaka nga’. This can simply be translated into the queen’s language as, ‘If you don’t appreciate the good things in life – you will end up being a robber’. We all know the attitudes of robbers and thieves, they tell lies and they like to mislead or deceive other people. Furthermore, they don’t like the truth. Why? The truth hurts and sets off some fire inside them, just like swallowing a razor, imagine! However, I can’t blame them because their eyes are not meant to see any good things in order to give thanks.

Moreover, what can you expect to hear from someone who is crying for your downfall? Obviously, he or she will be looking forward to anything whereby she can make or fabricate a problem such that she can at least breathe as some people don’t breath by seeing others progress, except their downfall! Nevertheless, the reason for my writing is to congratulate Namibia, particularly for the development that has taken place in this country since the year 1990. This country has achieved so much – if one can compare and contrast with the rest of the ‘LEDCs’ of the world. The list of Namibia’s achievements as per the NDP framework is endless, while the route to Vision 2030 is still clear as a focal point. By using Namibia as a laboratory test ground of development to defend my statement of fact, I want to pinpoint some of our great achievements such as infrastructural development, amongst others. Namibia has got the best of the best road networks in Africa. If you have travelled in and around this continent, you will agree with me that in some countries they do drive at a maximum speed of 10kmh, not because they are law abiding citizens, but because of the poor condition of the roads. Secondly, the salary reform for civil servants in Namibia surpasses even that of some countries that attained independence before Namibia. On the education front schools are accessible everywhere in Namibia, while secondary school education is envisaged to become free by the year 2016. Today’s world has become a global village whereby we learn exactly what is happening in other countries, just as fast as within a twinkle of an eye. Social networks, internet and other media platforms are to our aantage, such that we may not be misled by those who have a hidden agenda against this republic. One may attempt to cover the sun with hisher finger, but we (with open eyes) can still see the light from the sun, meaning we can still see and touch the tangible part of our country’s progress, in spite of what the wrong people may say. Who is fooling who now? This country has a future, with a highest degree of political and economic stability compared to many other countries of the second and third world. Indeed, this is something I must genuinely appreciate and be proud of as a peace-loving son of the land, Namibia.

In conclusion, I know that behind this successful Namibia, there were and there are still many inspirational, courageous and visionary leaders with unquestionable integrity, who have been in government since the 21st March 1990, namely the Founding Father Dr Sam Nujoma, His Excellency Dr Hifikepunye Pohamba, the late Dr Abraham Iyambo, just to mention a few. Their brainpower should be appreciated highly since they have delivered, delivered and delivered a quality public service for the good of the land of the brave. Thus, I sincerely say congratulations for a job well done! We are experiencing success, progress and prosperity in every area of the state’s affairs. I love and recognise what I am seeing, which is development, development and development. Happy birthday Namibia!

Source : New Era