Convicted Man Collapses in Court

There was drama in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court when Victory Shixungileni, 26, collapsed after being sentenced.

He was sentenced to three months in jail for common assault or alternatively to fork out N$1 500 for a fine. Shixungileni collapsed last week after hearing his sentence on a charge of common assault.

The State alleged that on November 22, 2013 in Windhoek he wrongfully and unlawfully assaulted Oaer Xie by punching him in the face and causing some injuries.

The accused pleaded guilty. He informed the court that he was 26 years old and had two children, aged four and two, and that he could pay a fine of N$1 000.

Prosecutor Samantha Diergaardt informed the court that the offence was serious and prevalent.

“He assaulted his supervisor and the matter cannot be condoned,” Diergaardt added.

Shixungileni insulted his boss and when he was reprimanded he punched him, the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor told the magistrate that he should be fined N$1 500, or in default of payment be jailed for three months.

The accused who was standing then sat down. He was instructed to stand up, but he told the court that if he stands for a long time he gets dizzy and the court allowed him to sit down.

Magistrate Justine Asino then fined him N$1 500 or in default of payment three months in prison. But after his sentence was read Shixungileni fell off the chair but police officers in court managed to pick him up.

He was free on bail of N$800. It’s not clear if he managed to scrape together the balance for the fine.

Source : New Era