Corpse Found in Bin

The discovery of a female body just outside Walvis Bay has sent shockwaves through the Erongo Region in light of recent crimes of passion.

Despite numerous national reports of murders and passion killings, Erongo has generall maintained a low profile when it comes to such crimes.

However, the body of the woman believed to be of African descent was found in a municipal refuse bin around 12h00 just metres away from the town’s “Welcome to Walvis Bay” signboard.

The Namibian Police Commander for the Erongo Region, Commissioner Samuel Hoebeb yesterday confirmed the discovery.

He said police are working around the clock to trace and arrest whoever is responsible for the hideous crime.

He however did not want to reveal how the incident was reported to the police.

“What I can confirm now is that the body was found in a bin and tracks around the crime scene indicate that the woman must have been murdered elsewhere before the body was moved there. How long the bin was there and the stage in which the body was found cannot be revealed at this stage,” Hoebeb said.

He said there were no visible marks on the body as well.

“At this stage it is difficult to see whether the crime is linked to passion killing, or whether the deceased was sexually assaulted as well,” Hoebeb explained.

Sources also told new Era that no blood was found at the crime scene or in the bin indicating the suspected murder was not committed on the same spot that the bin was found.

It also appears the bin was pushed around several times around the spot of the gruesome discovery.

According to Hoebeb an investigation is currently ongoing to establish the origin of the bin.

“We cannot reveal any further information, such as to whom the bin belongs as it might jeopardise our investigation. However we are working around the clock to solve the case,”Hoebeb said.

Source : New Era