Councillor Calls for Ban On Cohabitation

THE Maltahohe Village council chairperson, Simon Haikwiyu, has called for a law banning cohabitation and suggested that those breaking the law should be fined heavily.

“The police and the community must be on the lookout for those practicing adultery and disrespecting God’s commandments and be issued with tickets just like when you disobey traffic rules and regulations. Marriage should be a ticket to live as responsible adults,” Haikwiyu remarked, while condemning what he called the malicious killing of women by their lovers in the country.

Haikwiyu made the remarks during his speech at the official opening of the newly-built Maltahohe clinic on Monday.

However, his call was not based on any law and can not be implemented.

He called on the nation to refrain from all the things that may lead to vices such as violence against women and children, adding that such actions portray an image that Namibians have forgotten that women are meant to be loved and cared for.

“We should stop excessive use of drugs and alcohol. Let us occupy our minds with efforts that can set us free from poverty, hunger, disease and ignorance,” Haikwiyu aised.

He also said the new clinic should render counselling and rehabilitation services to drug and alcohol addicts. Haikwiyu further called on government to amend the Liquor Licence Act to enforce the restriction of alcohol consumption by underage children, while calling for collective efforts by government and traditional leaders to restore national pride, cultural values and norms on how African children are raised.

Source : The Namibian