Counting of votes yet to start in //Karas on Saturday

KEETMANSHOOP; Voting continued at all polling stations visited by Nampa here after 21h00 on Friday night when polls were set to have closed. The southern capital had nine fixed polling stations.

The casting of votes proceeded on average for another two hours. Elsewhere in the region in places such as Lüderitz, Aroab, Berseba and Karasburg, voters remained in queues.

This situation seems to have prevailed throughout the country. Many polling stations opened later than 07h00 and delays were experienced particularly with the voter verification device. Voter turnout was also speculated to be higher than in previous elections.

Director of Elections Paul Isaak on Friday urged all polling stations to remain open until all voters already in the queue had entered their votes.

By 06h00 on Saturday morning the Keetmanshoop Urban Constituency officials were yet to start counting all final figures submitted by the different polling stations.

The election officers at the Central Constituency Results Centre, the Keetmanshoop Show Hall, received voter devices, printed results and other sensitive materials throughout the night. Police were present throughout and guarded the venue both inside and outside.

According to information received, the Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency was yet to receive all figures from all its polling stations.

In the //Karas Region, a total of 47 652 people had registered to vote – 21 764 females and 25 888 males.

The seven constituencies in the region are Berseba, Karasburg East, Karasburg West, Keetmanshoop Urban, Keetmanshoop Rural, !Nami#nüs and Oranjemund.