Countrywide mass action for land applications next month

WINDHOEK: A group of land activists operating under the banner of “Affirmative Repositioning (AR)” are planning to embark upon another mass submission of applications for land to various municipalities next month.

Member of the group, Job Amupanda told Nampa on enquiry Wednesday that the next land applications will be handed over en masse countrywide on 27 February 2015.

“Fearless youth and many landless people will submit land applications to various municipalities and town councils countrywide. Having known and followed the first mass action of 21 November 2014, other towns cannot claim ignorance in thinking that youth landlessness is only a Windhoek affair. As such, the due date for all other towns to respond to all applications will remain the same as that of Windhoek – 31 July 2015 – after which we are very clear and decided on what will happen,” he noted.

More than 50 000 landless youth in Namibia are ready to grab land if land is not provided to them, said Amupanda, who led the 21 November 2014 mass demonstration involving thousands of youth and landless people who marched to the Windhoek Municipality headquarters to hand in applications for land.

Asked why the AR movement did not include other towns and villages in the country during the first mass action, he explained that leaders of the AR first wanted to consolidate their gains in the capital.

“Since the AR land mass action in the capital, many youths from other towns have called for assistance to obtain land in their towns,” according to Amupanda.

He vowed that no town will be left unattended to in the fight for land.

As part of the plan for the mass action next month, the AR will soon announce the names and contact details of volunteers and activists in all towns, who will be coordinating the event.

The AR movement will notify the Namibian Police Force a month in advance of the mass action.

The organisers will also engage the Association of Local Authority Councils of Namibia (ALAN) with a view to have ALAN communicate to all towns about the planned mass action. If ALAN refuses, the AR group will ensure that letters of notification to the various municipalities and town councils will be send, said Amupanda.

The activist group will, like the first time, draft copies of land application letters to interested youth members and post it on various social media pages.

Amupanda was suspended as a senior leader of the Swapo-Party Youth League (SPYL) after he and two other youth seized municipal land in Windhoek’s Kleine Kuppe suburb in early November 2014.

So far, 14 059 of those demonstrators have received letters of acknowledgement from the City of Windhoek.