Couple Threaten to Castrate Nurse

A 27-year-old woman was arrested together with her 28-year-old boyfriend for allegedly causing damage to government property on Saturday.

The vandalism occured at around midnight at the Nankudu district hospital nurses’ home in Kavango West.

The case was reported by a Zimbabwean man who works at the hospital and lives in the nurses’ home that the two allegedly vandalised.

“It was my ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend that did it and I reported the case because it’s government property. I also feared for my life as they came to my bedroom and broke the windows. Luckily my headboard was at the window so it prevented them from throwing bottles at me. They were shouting, ‘come out we want to castrate you’. They came in an Audi car, maybe with five or six other passengers, and I was in the house,” said Manyami Temba, a registered nurse at Nankudu hospital.

According to Temba the two suspects used empty bottles to break windows at the nurses’ home causing damage amounting to N$1 500.

The two suspects were reported by Temba who alerted the Kahenge police on the vandalism.

Both suspects, Siteketa Laimi (female) and Ihemba Osmund were arrested and made their first appearance in the Rundu court yesterday where they appeared before Magistrate Helen P. Olaiya. Maria N N Andimba prosecuted and their case was postponed to 22 September.

The case was postponed to enable the police to conduct further investigations and the two were granted bail of N$500 each.

In other news in Kavango West, a woman reportedly hanged herself on Sunday at Kahoro village.

According to the police, the woman identified as Sikongo Christine Namutenya, 23, hanged herself with a scarf on Sunday at around 6am.

No suicide note was found to give a hint as to why she has taken her own life.

The deceased’s body was later transported by the Kahenge police to Nankudu district hospital mortuary for post mortem purposes.

Source : New Era