Court Acquits Rape Suspect

WINDHOEK – Magistrate Johannes Shuuveni on Friday acquitted Sakaria Paulus on a charge of rape.

“I would, therefore, find that the state failed to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the accused was the person who had raped the complainant,” Shuuveni said when delivering judgment in the regional court. Paulus faced a charge of rape after the state alleged he had raped a woman and also threatened her with a knife.

During the trial the victim testified that on August 11, 2012 she was on her way to a friend’s house in Hochland Park when Paulus reportedly approached her. The victim testified that she was walking from Rocky Crest to Hochland Park where her friend lives. Paulus first demanded money from the victim and when she could not offer him any he instructed her to remove her underwear so that they could have sex, but she refused. Paulus then threatened to kill the woman. The court was further informed that Paulus placed a jacket on the ground and ordered the woman to lie down. In the end and out of fear, the woman complied, the court was told.

Following the incident a week later the victim spotted Paulus. She informed the court that she identified Paulus by his voice and said he was Oshiwambo speaking. Paulus however denied that he was wearing a brown leather jacket on the day of the alleged rape or that he owned one as testified by the victim.

Source : New Era