CoW opens community outdoor gym in Wanaheda

WINDHOEK: The City of Windhoek (CoW) has established a community outdoor gym in the Wanaheda residential area at a cost of N.dollars 465 000.

Speaking at a media briefing here on Friday, the City of Windhoek’s Manager for Communication, Marketing, Tourism and Customer Care, Joshua Amukugo said the gym is located at Tugera Family Park on the corner of Claudius Kandovazu Street and Tugela Street. He said the outdoor gym provides basic gym facilities which allow for anyone to exercise using only their body weight as resistance.

He said the gym has rowing machines, stationary cycles and a number of other units that allow for exercises that improve and strengthen core body strength, muscle co-ordination, balance and cardiovascular activity.

Amukugo stressed that the City is cognisant of the fact that not anyone can afford to join a gym and there are people who prefer the experience of exercising outdoors.

“We each live busy lives and spend much time rushing between work, picking up children, shopping, chores and a host of other stressful activities. This park offers the space needed to unwind, relax and contemplate at the end of a day,” he stated.

Amukugo urged residents to use the equipment responsibly and keep an eye open “for those who seem bent on destroying and damaging City property”.

He said such property belongs to residents, especially the surrounding communities.

“We remain committed to deliver effective and efficient services, thereby enhancing the quality of life of all our people,” he said.

Entrance to the gym is free of charge.