Crime Expected at New Mall

Police regional public relations officer Warrant-Officer Iseskar Arachab has urged the public to exercise vigilance when visiting the newly opened shopping centre in Tsumeb.

According to Arachab, an influx of visitors could be expected, as people from nearby towns such as Grootfontein, Otavi and Oshivelo will all be coming to shop at the new mall.

He said although the new shopping centre is a positive for the town, it would also attract “negatives”. He warned the public: “With the influx will come criminals and criminal activities are expected. There are two kinds of criminals, namely professionals and opportunistic criminals.”

Arachab however said crimes could also be committed by Tsumeb residents. “We must look at everyone because you might find a local who has never committed a crime using this influx as a smokescreen and opportunity. I therefore urge the community especially the three groups helping the police, namely, Tsumeb Residents Fighting Against Crime, the Women and Men Network and the Tsumeb Neighbourhood Watch to be vigilant,” Arachab told New Era.

He commended the groups for always doing their best but urged them to redouble their “efforts and vigilance” to prevent armed robberies and other crimes.

“All residents of Tsumeb should not relax. We are all excited and happy with what we see with regard to development in our town yet we must be vigilant,” he stressed.

Arachab also warned motorists, especially to make sure their cars are locked. “Car remote jamming is a major problem, make sure not to place certain items in plain sight even if these items are useless or not very valuable. Criminals do not see these items as invaluable or useless so they will break into your car to steal. They will only find out later that the items may be worthless but your car would be damaged in any case,” he said.

“I urge people not to relax. By so doing we will be ready to tackle anything … with many people coming to our beautiful town,” Arachab said.

“Community members must know and understand that police officers are here to help, we are not their enemies,” added Arachab.

Source : New Era