Cultural Centre Opens in Kunene Region

THE Namibian Coast Conservation and Management Project (Nacoma) handed over the Khorixas Cultural Heritage and Interpretive Centre to the Kunene regional council last week.

Nacoma’s Project Coordinator Rod Braby said the Kunene inhabitants have little access to their 500 kilometre long coastline due to limited access to the Skeleton Coast, an ecosystem of biological importance. A huge number of the inhabitants therefore have limited exposure and knowledge about their coastline.

The new centre was identified under the Kunene regional council’s Regional Development Plan of 2001- 2006 and aims to develop an indoor coastal environment and cultural heritage interpretative display for the Kunene inhabitants to educate and expose them to their coastal environment while creating a sustainable business platform for local entrepreneurs, mostly small and medium enterprises (SMEs) specialising in craft.

It will also facilitate cultural performances and conduct regular dialogue towards the preservation of cultural aspects of traditional communities in and around Khorixas.

In acceptance of the Khorixas Cultural Heritage and Interpretative Centre, Kunene Governor Josua Hoebeb said the town of Khorixas provides an important gateway through which many visitors pass on their way to see the rich biodiversity the western and coastal area of Kunene has to offer.

“The people of Khorixas are invited to proudly become involved in the success of this endeavour and called upon the citizens of the region to harmoniously be cooperative with the newly appointed centre coordinator to ensure the growth and richness of this centre,” he said.

Source : The Namibian