Cuvelai River Basin Commission Established

CUVELAI river basin states – Angola and Namibia – have signed an agreement to establish a waterfront commission to promote equitable, judicious, reasonable utilisation, sustainable development and efficient management of the water resources.

The signing of the agreement at Windhoek yesterday culminates from talks the two countries had in December 2013. Signing the agreement, agriculture minister John Mutorwa said: “This joint collaboration, with regard to the development and management of our shared water resources, could significantly contribute towards the maintenance of peace, security, welfare, mutual benefits of the citizens.”

Mutorwa said the establishment of the a Cuvelai River Basin Watercourse Commission (CUVECOM) is yet another progressive and constructive way to strengthen countries’ mutual cooperation. Describing water as a complex commodity, Mutorwa said it “brings good and bad impacts uninvited,” and stressed that the principles articulated and outlined in the Revised Protocol on shared water resources in Southern African Development Countries (SADC) must be adhered to at all times.

Mutorwa further urged the commission to foster greater awareness among the inhabitants along the Cuvelai Watercourse of equitable and reasonable utilisation and the efficient management and sustainable development of the water resources of the basin. Angolan minister of water and energy, Joao Baptista Borges, stressed the importance of implementing the agreement for the benefit of the two countries.

“Cuvelai river basin must benefit the people living near it,” said Borges.

Source : The Namibian