’Daimler Devoted’ Shine During Breakfast Run

This Sunday morning, the inhabitants of Windhoek got a unique visual feast as a motorcade of fine Mercedes-Benz’s, all older than 25 years, paraded through town on their way to Heja Lodge for a lovely breakfast with their new ‘Daimler devoted’ friends.

The gleaming procession rendezvoused in front of the Windhoek train station, where a crowd had formed to appreciate the spectacle up close.

There the owners, beaming next to their machines, admired those of others while trading stories, tips and telling of their most memorable aentures.

Like Onno Onesmus, who after completing his studies in China, “came back, stumbled across this beautiful 1986 SL500, fell in love and had to have it”.

Now ‘Baltimore’ is his Sunday drive and pride and joy.

“There’s something indescribable about driving around in this car, especially with the top down.”

These sentiments were eagerly echoed by well known chiropractor Dr Hans Joerg Bollinger, who spent years tracking down his family’s old 1969 C220. The car is very special to him, especially since it was the very same vehicle he used for his driving test in 1969. “And the way these models ride is incredible, you feel like your floating down the road.”

Mercedes-Benz lovers of all sizes and from every generation were also there to pass on their love for these classic motors to the next. Take the Esterhuizen family for instance: they recently acquired a stunning 1976 350 SL Coupe and it has since become the family project, with every member having a hand in restoring it to its former glory.

“This is really a nice opportunity for fans of the older Mercedes model to meet, make friends, scrutinise each other’s vehicles and enjoy a drive in these beautiful cars,” says John Esterhuizen.

When asked whether they would ever consider selling the 350 SL, Esterhuizen replies “no, we’ve put a lot of time and energy into it so we’ll definitely hang onto it and maybe start on another project build once this one is complete”.

Among all the automotive beauty there, Mannie Goldbeck’s 1958 190 Petrol stood out for being both the oldest and the most distinct.

“I bought it from a good friend of mine who bought it from his father-in-law back in the day. He had many other interested buyers, but one very strict condition: The person who buys it must restore the vehicle and that’s what I’ve been doing since.”

“It is a lot of fun driving around in this car, the ride, the feel and especially all the smiles and waves, I’ve never had so many friends before I had this car,” Goldbeck joked.

“It’s a lovely way to spend the day and it’s always nice to get together and play with your toys with people who share your interests,” added Bollinger.

The aim of this event was to bring like-minded Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts together for a event they won’t soon forget. If you missed this classic Mercedes-Benz breakfast run, don’t fret. “We’re planning more of these events to include the different models and eras that make up the Mercedez-Benz family, so watch the press for more information in the near future,” said Bollinger, before sliding into his C220 and leading the shimmering motorcade through central Windhoek.

Source : The Namibian